Lonely wether befriends a statue of a ram at the Katanning saleyard


Once again the media is making light of a sad situation regarding an animal. A lost sheep has befriended a giant ram statue at a saleyard in Western Australia, standing by its side for the past nine days while remaining unclaimed. No one knows where he came from but no one has made an attempt to help him find a home. Although he has water to drink and grass to eat he cannot remain there forever but the saleyard seems happy to leave him there as a tourist attraction. When we asked the saleyard if he could be released to a suitable home we received the reply:

“I would like to inform you that the wether is within the curtilage of the Saleyards and has access to fresh drinking water and green grass. At this stage it has been difficult to catch however we are keeping a close eye on it, to ensure its welfare.”

Green Pastures Sanctuary has offered to take in the sheep and will contact the saleyard. Sheep are flock animals and this individual needs to be with other sheep as made evident by his attempt to befriend the statue. We are hoping that the saleyard will act with compassion and release him to the sanctuary.