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Melbourne Sheep Save is part of the World Wide Save Movement – a network of Save groups bearing witness to the suffering of farmed animals and promoting veganism and peaceful activism.

The aim of Melbourne Sheep Save is to expose the suffering of sheep in the wool, meat and live export industries in Australia and around the world. We have regular vigils at which we obtain photos and footage of the suffering of sheep on transport trucks both on their journey to and arrival at slaughterhouses. The photos and footage are then distributed via social media in an attempt to bring the reality of what these animals suffer into the conscious minds of people who would otherwise find it too easy to turn a blind eye to the industry. We have rallies and leafleting days in the Melbourne CBD at which we attempt to educate people about the industry and its abuses and just what sensitive, affectionate and wonderful animals sheep really are.

Although our focus is on sheep, we promote veganism as the only way to stop contributing to the suffering and death of all animals.

Humans do not need to consume and use animal products to lead a happy and healthy life – they do so by choice. We hope that by educating people they will realize that all animals deserve love and respect and a life free from harm and the fear of a violent and premature death.