Who Silenced the Lambs?

On Saturday 9 September, Melbourne Sheep Save in conjunction with Why Animal Rights Matter held a funeral type service for the 10-15 million lambs who die on farms every year around Australia within the first 48 hours of life due largely to malnutrition or exposure.

15 activists each held the body of one of these lambs – each representing 1 million of those who have died this year. Following a short ceremony in the Bourke Street Mall the activists continued up to the Victorian Farmers Federation in a funeral style march.  They laid the bodies on the pavement and placed a single red rose on each body. The request was then made to the Victorian Farmers Federation and the general public (who create the demand the farmers meet) to stop the needless death of innocent animals by choosing a cruelty free lifestyle that does not involve the killing of animals.

Following the city event the lambs were all respectfully buried at a vegan property on the outskirts of Melbourne.


Melbourne Sheep Save Rally

On Saturday Melbourne Sheep Save held its 2nd rally in the Bourke street. Mall. The people who attended held signs or handed out leaflets. Animal Activist Collective was there with their television screens showing cruelty within the sheep industry and we also had an information desk. Our aim was to educate people regarding the cruelty within the industry and about the only way to avoid cruelty to animals – that way being veganism.

We had a special raffle for a hamper that included almost $300 of cruelty free items. The raffle was to raise money for the vet fees for a 3 week old lamb called Rose. Rose was very ill on Tuesday and had to spend the night at the vet where she was given fluids, had blood tests done and was given antibiotics. A 2nd visit on Friday night was also necessary. The total vet fees came to almost $900. The money we raised went to this cause and, with donations made earlier in the week, the entire vet bill was covered. Thank you to Rose’s carer for looking after her so well. Thank you also to the Cruelty Free Shop, Mrs Monagle’s Ethical Fine Food, Lord of the Fries, Melbourne Chicken Save, Melbourne Pig Save, Animal Liberation Victoria and Animals Australia for their generous donations towards the hamper.

Our message for the rally was that we have a choice – we can choose compassion or cruelty towards animals in the way with live our lives. Veganism is not a difficult lifestyle and is the only one that avoids cruelty to animals. It is up to each of us to make that choice. Which choice will you make?

Lonely wether befriends a statue of a ram at the Katanning saleyard


Once again the media is making light of a sad situation regarding an animal. A lost sheep has befriended a giant ram statue at a saleyard in Western Australia, standing by its side for the past nine days while remaining unclaimed. No one knows where he came from but no one has made an attempt to help him find a home. Although he has water to drink and grass to eat he cannot remain there forever but the saleyard seems happy to leave him there as a tourist attraction. When we asked the saleyard if he could be released to a suitable home we received the reply:

“I would like to inform you that the wether is within the curtilage of the Saleyards and has access to fresh drinking water and green grass. At this stage it has been difficult to catch however we are keeping a close eye on it, to ensure its welfare.”

Green Pastures Sanctuary has offered to take in the sheep and will contact the saleyard. Sheep are flock animals and this individual needs to be with other sheep as made evident by his attempt to befriend the statue. We are hoping that the saleyard will act with compassion and release him to the sanctuary.

Why Animals Right Matter and Melbourne Sheep Save investigation into cruelty on a Euroa Farm

At the beginning of July Why Animal Rights Matter and Melbourne Sheep Save began investigating a sheep farm in the Victorian town of Euroa. The following concerns were forwarded as a complaint to the Euroa Police, Strathbogie Council and the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR). This farm which has a flock of between 40 and 60 sheep presented with many serious issues such as:
1. Severe lice infestation. Chronic itching of adult sheep and lambs was witnessed on many occasions. The tearing and breaks in the wool was a clear and obvious indication of lice (See photos)
2. Overgrown Fleece. Many of the sheep on this property had not been shorn for at least two years. Some were so bad that the wool was covering their eyes almost completely. To think these animals have had to endure hot summers in such condition is appalling.
3. Limping. A number of adult sheep and lambs were seen to be limping. One lamb in particular could not weight bare on a back leg due, we assume, to an injury that was causing him pain.
4. At least 10 sheep carcasses were discovered on this property. A high amount given the small size of the farm. They were just left rotting where they fell causing possible health concerns. Two sheep were found deceased between the first report and the second report a week later.
5. Certain sheep looked incredibly thin. Given they were covered in lice it is not surprising that the weaker ones were just not well.
6. Sheep had not been crutched
7. There were concerns given the lack of care to these animals that it is likely they were also suffering from worms and overgrown hooves.
The Senior Officer – Animal Welfare at DEDJTR replied to our complaint in part as follows:
“Departmental officers are continuing to monitor the situation as part of the investigation and it would therefore be inappropriate for us to make any comment concerning the progress of the investigation.
We nonetheless thank you for your interest in this important animal welfare issue and assure you that appropriate action will be taken against any person found to be in contravention of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986. “
On 15th July 2017 the animals on this farm were once again checked by W.A.R.M. and MSS. All the adult sheep had gone through shearing that day. One can only imagine how it must feel to be rid of years worth of heavy fleece infested with lice.
Although what we discovered today was certainly a step in the right direction for these animals, this investigation is not over. There is now a danger that the sheep will suffer due to being shorn in the middle of winter, particularly the thin and weak and the pregnant ewes who will now have to fight hard to stay warm especially over the coming nights when they are not used to having no wool.
This situation is an incredibly difficult one. This farmer, whose house is next to the paddock these sheep live in, has clearly breached his responsibility in providing adequate care. He has ignored their appalling physical state which could not have gone unnoticed. He has failed these animals in every way possible and not just recently but for a very long time. They have suffered greatly and are still in danger from the elements all because he just did not care. There is no other reason for why this could have happened.
It is the hope of W.A.R.M. and MSS that this person will be held accountable and charged with animal cruelty and neglect. The photos speak for themselves.