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Melbourne Sheep Save

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Sheep suffering on a live export ship

Australia is the world’s largest exporter of live sheep. We have been a major player in the export of live animals since the mid 1970s with the live export industry is worth around $1 billion annually. We now export to about 40 countries, mainly in the Middle East and Southeast Asia and our biggest importers are Kuwait for sheep.

The journey on these ships can last up to 35 days. Sheep are packed so tightly that many can’t lie down to rest. Nor can they all access food and water. Overcrowded pens make identifying sick and injured animals near impossible. Add to this extreme heat, exhaustion, rough seas, poor ventilation and millions of litres of untreated waste, and a typical live export voyage quickly becomes the perfect storm for death and suffering. Millions of our sheep suffer unnecessarily during the journey with thousands dying in transit. Once they reach their destination they are handled roughly with many killed while fully conscious.

Before boarding a ship or plane, animals may be stressed by food and water deprivation, high stocking densities and high temperatures while being transported by road or rail for up to 50 hours. These stresses can cause dehydration, bruising and salmonellosis in sheep.Once on board an export vessel, animals can be confined for up to a month, which equates to 744 consecutive hours. Sheep are transferred from a pasture-based diet to concentrated pellets – a change which some animals reject. Failure to eat can lead to salmonellosis and even death, with around half of sheep mortalities occurring this way. Animal waste generates ammonia gas which, in high concentrations on board vessels, can irritate an animal’s eyes, nasal cavities and respiratory tracts, resulting in crying, coughing and nasal discharge. Sheep have shown a clear aversion to ammonia.

Thousands of animals die in transit.


We would like to ask all the supporters of Melbourne Sheep Save to take part in an action to help stop Live Export. You can help in any of the following ways:

1. Contact (using the sample letter provided)

a.the Federal Agricultural Minister Bridget McKenzie

b.your Federal MP using the following link https://secure.animalsaustralia.org/…/find-your-federal-MP.… to assertain who that person is

c.all 12 Senators in your state, 2 if in the Northern Territory and the ACT using the following link https://www.aph.gov.au/…/Guidelines_for_Contacting_Senators… to ascertain who they are

Sample letter:
It is undeniable that sheep suffer terribly on the journey to other countries as part of our Live Export trade in Australia. The majority of Australians want this cruel trade stopped. The Department of Agriculture cannot be relied on to stop the suffering involved in these long journeys and once they arrive at their destination. So I am asking you to take the side of compassion and vote to put an end to this cruel trade.

2. Alternatively you may write your own letter. When writing your own letter we ask that you phrase in a polite manner. Please be guided by the following document from StopLiveExport.org https://www.stopliveexports.org/…/Letter_Writing_Tips_Updat…

3. Make an appointment to visit your Federal MP to discuss your concerns

4. Sign the online petition created by Animals Australia at:

These sheep need your help so please take a few minutes out of your day to take action against this cruel trade.

Photo credit: The Guardian