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Mason was a ram who was discovered on a farm in Western Victoria. He was found half dead laying in a frost covered paddock of malnourished rams. Mason was taken in by a compassionate family who did not want to see him die alone and uncared for. He had a happy life with these people, full of love, shelter. good food and friends.

Mason passed away a few weeks after being rescued. In the words of his carer:

“He fought as long and as hard as he could but last night he let me know he’d had enough and it was time to let him go. I miss him so much. Thank you to everyone who loved him and who helped me care for him. He was a beautiful soul and I feel privileged to have walked on this Earth together for a time. Love you buddy xx ❤”

Animals deserve a better life than they receive when they are treated as commodities. Why is it that so many humans do not see their worth as individuals?

Thank you to those who do care, who refrain from consuming and using animal products and who realize that every animal has a right to a life free from harm and the fear of a violent death.

Thank you to Mason’s carers who showed him, in his final days, the love and respect he deserved.