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Melbourne Sheep Save will hold its 2nd rally in the Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne CBD on Saturday July 29 12 – 2pm. People who attend will have the chance to hold signs, leaflet and talk to people about sheep, the animal food industries and veganism. ┬áThere will also be an information table with a varied selection of pamphlets, flyers and booklets available to take.

A hamper will be raffled on the day to raise money for the group and there will be a donation tin – the proceeds of which will go to an animal charity yet to be decided.

Members of Animal Activists Collective will be there holding television screens that will play footage of what happens to animals in the industries.

The Save rallies have a great atmosphere and provide a wonderful opportunity to educate the general public who pass by about the cruelty they contribute to if they consume and/or use animal products. If you would like to join us just turn up on the day and speak to one of our friendly volunteers manning the desk.