Melbourne Sheep Save Rally

On Saturday Melbourne Sheep Save held its 2nd rally in the Bourke street. Mall. The people who attended held signs or handed out leaflets. Animal Activist Collective was there with their television screens showing cruelty within the sheep industry and we also had an information desk. Our aim was to educate people regarding the cruelty within the industry and about the only way to avoid cruelty to animals – that way being veganism.

We had a special raffle for a hamper that included almost $300 of cruelty free items. The raffle was to raise money for the vet fees for a 3 week old lamb called Rose. Rose was very ill on Tuesday and had to spend the night at the vet where she was given fluids, had blood tests done and was given antibiotics. A 2nd visit on Friday night was also necessary. The total vet fees came to almost $900. The money we raised went to this cause and, with donations made earlier in the week, the entire vet bill was covered. Thank you to Rose’s carer for looking after her so well. Thank you also to the Cruelty Free Shop, Mrs Monagle’s Ethical Fine Food, Lord of the Fries, Melbourne Chicken Save, Melbourne Pig Save, Animal Liberation Victoria and Animals Australia for their generous donations towards the hamper.

Our message for the rally was that we have a choice – we can choose compassion or cruelty towards animals in the way with live our lives. Veganism is not a difficult lifestyle and is the only one that avoids cruelty to animals. It is up to each of us to make that choice. Which choice will you make?