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“Pecan was found on the verge of nightfall curled in a tiny ball on top of a large wet poop. It’s actually not that far fetched to assume that he curled up against this mound as it was the only semblance of company and warmth within walking distance of his weak little body.

The day before was the coldest recorded day in a very long time. It rained all day and the wind whipped around the icy grass blades, freezing all those tiny lambs stuck alone in its path.

The paddocks looked like the aftermath of a natural disaster. Hundreds of tiny bodies lay frozen on the grass, sprawled out like the wind had stopped them in their tracks and they fell to the ground where they stood.

Babies were huddled up against the bases of tall Cyprus pines and nestled in between the raised roots. Their embrace was not enough to keep these little ones safe from the cold that crept in, and it left only once they had all slipped away.

Most looked as if they were just sleeping, trying to keep warm. To the touch, they were consumed by a deathly deep frost. My presence was useless to them now.

Mothers, too, were bloated and contorted in agony along fence lines. They had suffered immensely before the cold and pain took their last warm breath from their lungs. Their babies heads and feet visible from their cervixes, but I was there far too late.

Not for Pecan though. Had I have been earlier, he would still be tucked up safe inside his waddling mum. Had I come later, he would be one of the lifeless ones.

Time is not the cruel player in this world. Time is neutral and ever-present. It cannot be held accountable. It is those who perpetuate this deadly cycle. It’s those who claim property rights over the innocent, rendering their own rights moot. It’s those who purchase and consume, giving their stamp of approval to what they cannot and will not see. And it is the various industries that create and disperse easily digested and patriotically regurgitated fairytales of ‘humane’ rape, mutilation, enslavement and murder.

But here he is, safe and loved, sweet Pecan.

Rest in peace to all those who are now gone.”