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On a Victorian farm, sheep are clustered around a small water supply hardly sufficient for the number of animals or the size of the area. The barren paddocks, a common sight on farms, have been cleared of all trees leaving no shelter for the sheep housed there.

As we move away from the hot Summer months and transition into the cold Winter months, we ask you to remember that it is not just the extremes of heat from which sheep need protection. The 2021 lambing season in Victoria has just started. Although temperatures are currently mild, lambs will be born throughout the Winter months of freezing cold temperatures, wind and rain. Exposure to the elements is one of the primary reasons for lamb deaths. Ewes in paddocks such as these will try to protect their babies from the harsh condition, often failing to do so, resulting in the deaths of millions of newborn lambs before the end of the season.

Melbourne Sheep Save calls on the Minister for Agriculture, the Hon Mary-Anne Thomas, to make shade and shelter for farm animals a mandatory standard requirement, enforceable by law, in the New Victorian Animal Welfare Act.

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