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Currently approximately 21 to 22 million sheep are sent to slaughter in Australia each year. Prior to their death most lead a life full of legalised cruelty such as tail docking and castration without pain relief, mulesing and a lack of adequate shelter against the extremes of temperatures experienced in Australia.

In addition to this, sheep are timed to give birth across the cold winter months often leading to the death of at least one of their lambs. In the early mornings following those freezing nights, paddocks can often be seen littered with the bodies of newborn lambs who did not survive the night. During the lambing season, sick ewes are given no medical attention and are usually left to die either during the birthing process or shortly after.

Neglect can also be seen across many farms throughout the entire year, particularly at the moment during the drought in Australia when farmers continue to breed despite being unable to provide adequate nutrition for the animals in their care.

Here we bring you the account of just some of those incidences of neglect and cruelty.