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On Saturday 9 September, Melbourne Sheep Save in conjunction with Why Animal Rights Matter held a funeral type service for the 10-15 million lambs who die on farms every year around Australia within the first 48 hours of life due largely to malnutrition or exposure.

15 activists each held the body of one of these lambs – each representing 1 million of those who have died this year. Following a short ceremony in the Bourke Street Mall the activists continued up to the Victorian Farmers Federation in a funeral style march.  They laid the bodies on the pavement and placed a single red rose on each body. The request was then made to the Victorian Farmers Federation and the general public (who create the demand the farmers meet) to stop the needless death of innocent animals by choosing a cruelty free lifestyle that does not involve the killing of animals.

Following the city event the lambs were all respectfully buried at a vegan property on the outskirts of Melbourne.